Del Webb was born May 17, 1899. He would have been 121 years old today (assuming you are reading this on May 17.). He was 75 when he died, and anyone knowing his life story knows he packed his years with the best of the best. It was never about quantity (though he had an abundance), his measuring stick was always about the quality.

The Museum’s front bedroom has become the Del Webb room. There should be little wonder how popular the exhibits have become. Del’s accomplishments are legendary and the room is filled with both stories and memorabilia detailing his life’s work.

Everything he did, he tried to do well. Didn’t matter if it was the early years as a baseball player, his meager start in construction in Phoenix, the explosive growth building for the United States government, developing Las Vegas or as one of the owners of the New York Yankees. It was always first class.

Invariably, when looking at his accomplishments, you end with the creation that has lived on as his legacy. “Del Webb’s Sun City” is at the pinnacle of his life’s work. Long after he left us, the community bearing his name is still considered to be unequaled. Thousand’s of age restricted communities have opened since his death, none are as unique.

The one thing we know for sure, we cannot tell the Sun City story without telling the Del Webb story. They are one in the same. While some have abandoned the Webb name, the museum has embraced it. We understand better than most Del Webb lives on through us.

The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum is in the process of an amazing transformation. One thing we will not change is the front bedroom; what we all know as the Del Webb room. The exhibits are spectacular. They tell the story of his life, define his character and insure all visiting understand how well he lived that life.

The next time you visit the museum, set aside some time to enjoy his story. All of us who act as guides can tell you, that room gets more attention than any other single exhibit. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of both Del Webb’s memory and to insure those visiting understand how and why Sun City AZ became the Community That Changed The Nation.

Happy Birthday Del; you made each and everyone of our lives better.  

Bill Pearson