The History of Sun City, AZ and Sun City West, AZ

Sun City Saints 2022 Reunion


 The first Sun City Saints reunion, in more than 3 years, was attended by Saints players, coaches, a ball girl and even an umpire who all shared memories of their glory days while enjoying [...]

The Webb of Mystery


Del Webb pictured with Mickey Mantle If you are not redirected in 5 seconds, please use this link:

Sundome Jr.


Arizona's Smallest Theater! Thanks to a number of museum volunteers, six seats were rescued from the Sundome in Sun City West before the building was demolished. They formed the nucleus for an exhibit on [...]

West Valley Symphony


New exhibit celebrates 50 years of the symphony! The Del Webb Sun Cities Museum has opened a new exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the West Valley Symphony. Originally known as the Sun City Symphony, [...]

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