The museum is always looking for unique items that are related to the history of Sun City, so please don’t throw anything away until you check with us. Many items we may already have the item in our inventory. The one you have may be of higher quality. If so, great. We can upgrade. Other times it’s something we just don’t need. We try to be honest. If you’ve been to the museum you know we don’t have much space for storage so we will say thanks, but no thanks. Whether it’s a document or physical item, please let us know.

The following form will allow you to tell us about your item. If it is of interest to us we will get in touch, with a couple of days (if not sooner) by phone or email to make arrangements for meeting. If it’s something we don’t need we will contact you within the same time frame.

We are not always at the museum so please don’t just drop by or leave the item outside.

Thank you for your message. It has been sent.
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Items and or documents donated to the museum become property of the museum.

Some of these items may be kept at the museum and others may be sent to ASU where they will be stored.