We’re always looking for volunteers!

Who knew volunteering could be so good for a person? A wise person once contemplated the benefits of volunteering. And the museum really needs more docents, those who give short museum tours between 1 and 4 p.m. on Monday Wednesday or Friday; OR office volunteers with computer skills to work mornings any weekday. So here are the best reasons to volunteer already penned by a thoughtful person, now anonymous.


• make you forget your problems.

• give you a reason to get up and dressed and moving each day.

• be good for your self esteem.

• give you a sense of purpose in life.

• improve overall attitude and mental health.

• give you a greater overall satisfaction with life.

• cause you to live longer, if you volunteer on a regular basis.

• improve your health.

• lower your stress level.

• be good for relationship building.

• increase the experience of compassion.

If you like people and history, and want to be a Docent, call Volunteer Coordinator Pris Fenner at 623-977-3305; if you love office work and have computer skills and would like to be an office volunteer, call Julie Glass weekday mornings at 623-974-2568.


The following form will be sent to the Museum and forwarded to the proper contact person. Thanks for your interest in Volunteering at the Museum. Please use the test box to let us know what day(s) and hours you would be available along with any other information you consider valuable for your consideration.

Volunteer Application Form