The Sun Cities Area Historical Society

is dedicated to the preservation and presentation

of the records and artifacts for Sun City, Arizona,

the world’s first Active Retirement Community

and its sister city Sun City West.


Through documentation and display in the first model home,

public programs and published written materials,

the Society seeks to interpret for future generation

the unique context of urban design interaction with

volunteerism to maintain these progressive cities.



The Sun Cities Area Historical Society is the parent organization of the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum and Research Center.

Purpose: In order to promote public awareness and appreciation of the history of the nation’s first active adult community, Sun City, and its sister city, Sun City West, the Society collects, preserves, and displays documentary material and artifacts; and through presentations and publications, informs present and future generations of the pioneering heritage of these unique adult communities.

Founded in 1986, the Society was able three years later to acquire one of the original Sun City model homes built in 1960. It launched the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum in 2010 as part of Sun City’s 50th anniversary.

The Museum reflects the décor of the 1960s, and houses exhibits featuring:

• Del Webb and the company he built
• Marinette, the cotton plantation that preceded Sun City
• The methods the Webb Corp used to introduce Sun City to America
• Baseball and spring training; golf; and local performing arts
• The evolution of Lizard Acres into today’s Sun City West
• The “Sundome Jr. Theater” – smallest theater in Arizona!

The Research Center is an online searchable database of the thousands of photos, brochures, maps, and other information about the Webb Corporation, Sun City and Sun City West.

museum-old    The original Sun City model home, currently the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum!