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Constance W. McMillin Gathering Place

at the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum





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Water will be available

Tuesday, November 19th at 10 AM 

“The Boswell Connection”

presented by Edson Allen

A hospital in our community and a boulevard bear the name “Boswell” but little is known about it.  Jim Boswell owned the land on which Sun City was built, and partnered with Webb in developing the new community.  Few know that Jim Boswell was the largest farmer in America, or that the Boswell Empire stretched from vast holdings in California to Arizona to Oregon to Colorado to the outback of Australia.

Board member Ed Allen will present the story of this family, and of James Boswell II – Webb’s partner in the development of Sun City.  Ed has been active in the Historical Society for nearly 20 years, but has been coming to Sun City since 1975 when his parents moved here.

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Thursday, December 5th at 10 AM 

“Utopia? Not Quite!”  (Part #1)

presented by Ben Roloff

 Planning and building the world’s first major active retirement community was fraught with problems, as there was no blueprint.  Some fixes were difficult and took years to sort: installing the forgotten streetlights and fire hydrants between Grand and Peoria Avenues, and eliminating the “Berlin Wall” between the first two and then three recreations centers.  Others were not resolved in a decade: eliminating the awful odors of a feedlot, removal from the Peoria School District, and resolving sewage treatment issues. The age protection was not established until 1984. Sound interesting? Join Ben Roloff in a two part presentation of the “back stories” to the solutions.

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Saturday, December 14th at 10 AM

 Bill Pearson and Ben Roloff chose the Coffee Brake cartoon advertising Sun City’s first coffee shop/restaurant to introduce a series of “Coffee with Ben & Bill” discussions with members.  They promise to share many nuggets of early Sun City history, are eager to hear your stories, and answer your questions.  

        Bill has spent more than a decade pouring over history in the museum’s collections.  Ben has read 10’s of thousands of pages of Sun City newspapers printed between ’61-’85.  Both have written about Sun City’s history extensively and have given talks. Between, they have met regularly to swap information and stories over coffee. Now they are inviting you to join them.

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