The Sun City Post Office as it appeared on July 1st, 1962
Menke Funeral and Cremation Center as it appears today, after the 2004 renovation.

Sun City’s First Post Office

Menke Funeral and Cremation Center on the northwest corner of 103rd Avenue and Coggins Drive in Sun City was the original home of Sun City’s first free-standing U.S. Post Office.

A contract substation located inside the Grand Shopping Center served as the community’s post office for two years before the building at 12420 N. 103rd Drive officially opened with a staff of 12 on July 1, 1962.

As Sun City grew to the north, a larger facility was eventually needed and the present-day post office at 98th Avenue and Bell Road opened in 1976.

Menke Funeral Home purchased the building in 1977 and opened in October of that year. The building was expanded and remodeled in 1982, totally changing the front look of the facility.

The building underwent another remodel again in 2004 and today there is very little resemblance to the original building.

Archive photos courtesy of the Sun Cities Area Historical Society. Current photo by Bret McKeand/Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA