Welcome to Del Webb Sun Cities Museum! Enjoy exploring our searchable collections of historic photographs, print advertising, personal histories, and memorabilia covering 50 years of development in Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona.

In the heart of the ORIGINAL SUN CITY, many exhibits await you, including historical images, documents and artifacts from the original Sun City builder, Del Webb.

Housing a collection of memorabilia, featuring photo and story exhibits. Guided tours are available!

Search our collections for information about America's first, active adult communities, Sun City and Sun City West.

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Office hours 8 am to noon daily.

Del Webb’s Sun City ~ the Stories

New stories appear each Thursday.

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Marinette Exhibit

Marinette -- the history of the area before Sun City.

Watch “The Beginning”

Watch "The Beginning", a film shown to prospects in the 1960s featuring the difference in a traditional retirement at home and an active retirement in Sun City.

Watch slide show

Highlights of some of the many historic photos on site in the museum archives!

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