There are various ways to make a donation to the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum. These are a couple to consider.

Estate planning is the process of designating who will receive your assets in the event of your death or incapacitation. Often done with guidance from an attorney, a well-constructed estate plan can help ensure that your heirs and beneficiaries receive assets in a way that manages and minimizes estate taxes, gift taxes and other tax impacts.

Estate planning checklist

Create an inventory.

Account for your family’s needs.

Establish your directives.

Review your beneficiaries.

Note your state’s estate tax laws.

Weigh the value of professional help.

Plan to reassess.

Qualified Charitable Distribution

When you’re age 70½ or older, the best way to make charitable contributions usually is through qualified charitable distributions (QCD) from a traditional IRA. A QCD can satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year and reduce your income taxes.

Suppose your RMD for the year is $17,000. Make at least $17,000 of QCDs and you’ve satisfied both your RMD and $17,000 of your charitable giving for the year. The money is out of your traditional IRA, but there’s no gross income on your tax return.

Check with your financial advisor for additional details.

Estate Planning


Estate planning is another way to donate. Once you have provided for loved ones in your will, you may want to include a gift of money, stock or property to Sun Cities Area Historical Society. Your gift will be a lasting tribute to our mission, while guaranteeing the organization’s long-term future. For further information on how to include Sun Cities Area Historical Society in your charitable giving plans, please contact your family accountant.